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FM246 Advance in White

FM246 Advance in White

FM413 Advance in White

FM413 Advance in Black

FM166 Traditional 2 Prongs

Discontinued Models
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System Requirements:
  1. All AC outlets must be 3 pronged with proper grounding
  2. One Power Meter only
System is backward compatible to the TRADITIONAL 2 Prongs model
  • Unique design: bridges all phases of the power supply in a building as one, eliminates the single phase wiring limitation of the TRADITIONAL 2 Prongs system in power supply.
  • Simple Powerline Plug & Play Intercom Systems: communicates on FM frequencies using the powerline of a building. NO RADIO WAVES, no building material obstruction, no transmission or receiving processes; reaches as far as the powerline in the building goes.
  • Expandable: you can buy additional sets and add on to the system.
  • Security: conversation travel from outlets to outlets within the same power meter of a building, no bugging and or eavesdropping.
Power button is highlight in white when the power is on. Every unit comes with a power cord.
Electronics volume control with audio level indicator. Each adjustment emits a beep corresponding to the audio level, and stops once the level reaches the maximum or minimum.
Digital Function Panel with illuminated buttons. These red illuminated buttons help identify the activated or available features at dark places. The illumination is dim when de-activated and highlighted when activated.
The old slide channel switch is replaced with this state of the art electronics Hot-Wired channel buttons. You can now access the channels directly without scrolling. The Direct Channel Access are controlled by logic IC with illumination. A great help when in a dim or completely dark environment. Activated channel is highlighted in blue, while the available channels are dimly illuminated.